About Us

The idea was concieved by considering our dog Mickey, who had allergies. It was hard to find a treat without corn, beef, or wheat. So with additional research and several months of trial and error, Teki's Tasty Treats was born. 

Our company was founded in July 2005 with the mission to provide dog treats without corn, soy, beef, or wheat.  We wanted our treats to be reasonably priced, high quality and something dogs would enjoy eating.

Of course every dog has his own taste, so they will not all like our product (but I enjoy eating them).

Our first two treats were the "Honey! Peanut Butter" and "Chicken & Rice".  These products are made with rice flour, oat bran, organic extra virgin olive oil and honey.  The peanuts are ground at our providers, and the chicken is raised free range, without any hormones or antibiotics.

We have since added two more treats; "Pumpkin Honey" and "Chickpea Goat". The honey in our treats comes from Vorisek's Backyard Bee Farm in Linesville, PA, and we use only USA grown pumpkins. The chickpea goat treats are made with free range goat meat from PA.

We also carry a line of dog and cat foods called Flint River Ranch.  This company was not involved in the recall and has their own manufacturing plant.

Contact us:

Teki's Tasty Treats
10703 Perry Highway
Meadville, PA  16335
email: puppyboy@swissmail.org

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